Running out of space on your iPhone? Download a huge app !!!

Michael Russian


Forget deleting photos, app and music. 

If you need more storage space on your iPhone, you should download another app.

The hack works by tricking the phone’s software into ‘spring-cleaning’ the memory to make room for the new app.

Many apps waste memory space with their cache of data.

The new trick, revealed by Thorin Klosowski, a hack expert at Lifehacker, effectively gets rid of all that unused data.

As soon as the user tries to install a large app that they don’t have room for, the iOS software will automatically start clearing out any unused app data.

Once enough space is cleared, users can simply cancel the download of the new app, or delete it after it’s been installed. 

By heading over to  Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available, users can see their storage levels going up and down.

The size of each app…

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