Trump Can’t Make Apple’s iPhone Manufacturing Come Back – And It Wouldn’t Help If He Could

Michael Russian


One of those famed promises of Donald Trump’s is that his policies, now that he’s President-elect, will make Apple bring back their iPhone manufacturing to America. Ever so slightly an odd claim given that they never have been domestically manufactured so “back” isn’t really possible. Further, as one of my colleagues points out, it’s not really true that if tariffs are placed upon Chinese imports then the production will relocate to the U.S. Could well go somewhere even cheaper. There’s also the problem that the U.S. almost certainly doesn’t have the hinterland to be able to produce in such volumes.

But the real problem here is an economic one. There’s absolutely no reason at all why we’d even want Apple to bring back the “making” of iPhones from anywhere. For all the expensive and really productive parts are already made in the U.S., with a little bit going to Japan…

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